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Frances Mae Balodis MEd., ARCT, LCCN(H), LCNCM(H), RMT, MYCC conducts presentations and workshops for parents, teachers and managers that apply the synergies between Personality Traits and Learning Styles. She is the founder of Music for Young Children® (MYC®). She has devoted an entire career to helping young people learn. With her unique, proven and personable approach, Frances helps teachers to become more effective in the classroom, and she helps parents learn how to more positively communicate with their children.

Gunars Balodis B.Eng., M.Sc., P.Eng. is an expert in showing people how to motivate and draw out the best in others.
A Lt Colonel (Ret) in the Canadian Forces and the founding partner of an international corporation with operations in eight countries, he has spent a career building teams that are engaged, effective and highly productive. Gunars and his wife, Frances, provide presentations and workshops that are geared to people who want to learn practical hands-on methods to encourage individuals and to build effective teams.
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Frances Balodis spoke at our ’Women Business Owners IDEX forum’. She has brilliant insight and a wonderful way of getting her point across by sharing her personal experiences. I believe everyone walked out the forum with a different perspective on life! Thank you

Sheldon Rice CIM, FCSI
Financial Advisor
Raymond James Ltd.


Sheldon Rice CIM, FCSI
Forty Under 40 Award Recipient
Ottawa Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year Finalist