In the Beginning

There’s a beginning, a middle and an end!

Most of us don’t remember too much about the beginning, we live in the middle and we muddle along until the end!

This is my first posting on our CLU blog. So, it’s my beginningand I am sure am “living it!”

I live and breathe “learning styles”. It just creeps into my mind and my language and my observation every minute of every activity! Just the other day I figured out why I sign my emails (and letters) wth “cheerio”. Say “cheerio” aloud – it has a lilt to it – that’s important for an auditory person. Think “cheerio” inside your head – it brings a chuckle – a sound also important to an auditory person.

When I am in my work space I hear every sound that surrounds me – the computer keys clicking, the sound of the computer working, the heating system in my office…all of these things are quiet, yet on a stressful day they are so loud. What does that tell me?

When my stress levels are “up” so are my auditory sensors! Sometimes when I am “over the top” with stress the sound of someone chewing gum really bothers me! This really reminds me to be sensitive to what happens to others when their stress is heightened. We might describe someone as “touchy”, or “out of focus” or “overly critical”…when what is happening is they ARE stressed and this is what happens when their levels are up!

Think about/watch/listen to/feel what happens to you when it’s “one of those times”. You may be surprised and as a result have more understanding for someone else when they are in a similar circumstance.


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