Frances Balodis spoke at our ’Women Business Owners IDEX forum’. She has brilliant insight and a wonderful way of getting her point across by sharing her personal experiences. I believe everyone walked out the forum with a different perspective on life! Thank you

Sheldon Rice CIM, FCSI
Financial Advisor
Raymond James Ltd.


Sheldon Rice CIM, FCSI
Forty Under 40 Award Recipient
Ottawa Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year Finalist

My 10 year old daughter and I attended Mrs. Balodis lecture on learning styles. We both really enjoyed it and learned a lot about each other as well as our own learning style. The lecture was presented in a very enjoyable way and I wish it would have been longer. Now when we practice my daughter is able to tell me what she needs from me to  practice more effectively.  We found out that she is visual and kinesthetic and needs to have time to sort out her songs alone before I step in to help. This is making practice times easier and I think she practices more . Thanks to Mrs. Balodis for her insightful lecture. Also my daughter was very impressed with the lecture and thinks Mrs. Balodis is cool. Thank you Mrs. Balodis.

Kim Lockert, Saskatoon

It’s wonderful to listen to your presentation. It opens a brand new way for me towards how to have a positive and fun and quality time with my daughter to learn things. Not sure if you’ve heard Tiger Mother story, which is typical Chinese parents’ way to raise their kids.   I’m one of them but always wonder if there is better way to do it and have tried many things by myself.    Until hear you presentation, your teaching show me it is absolutely possible.    And it will make difference when we keep practicing. Many thanks for showing me the way.   Now I learn to talk less when my daughter is in practice. 
Have a great day !

 Donna Zhang (Parent of a young musician in London, ON)

Frances gave an informative and interesting talk to parents who attend Music For Young Children classes with their children. Some of the comments they told me included “this is stuff I can use with my students in the classroom”(elementary school teacher); “this makes so much sense in helping me understand my child”. For me, as a parent and wife, I found Frances’ talk helpful in directing me to not only listen to what my family is saying but hear what they’re saying; the actual words are big clues in noticing what each of their learning styles are. This has been extremely helpful in improving communication. Great talk and would love to make this available annually to not only my music families but my community as well.

Marie Suthers, Newcastle, Ontario

Through a presentation given at a MYC site, Frances Balodis taught her audience, which consisted of parents, how to understand the different learning styles in their children. I thoroughly enjoyed her informative lesson and took away lots of ideas for my job as an elementary teacher as well as for my oldest who is a MYC graduate and my daughter who is enjoying her first year in the music program that Frances developed.

Julie Forget-Ouellet

Motivation should be Frances Balodis’ middle name. In my 20 years of teaching piano, I have had many opportunities to hear Mrs. Balodis speak. She really can engage an audience and inspire them to succeed.

As private piano teachers we often hear parents say, “my child doesn’t want to practice”?
Practicing is hard work but necessary to progress. Eight teachers in my area of Georgetown and Brampton On. hosted a Music and Your Child workshop in April 2010. Frances Balodis was our guest speaker. Over 200 parents and students attended. The children rotated through music learning centers while the parents engaged with Frances. She spoke to them on learning styles and gave them practicing tips. The hour session, gave parents some positive communication skills and ideas to take home. As the teacher, I have noticed definite improvements in practicing attitudes. The workshop with Mrs. Balodis was a great success.

Gloria Wood MYCC
Georgetown, On.

On behalf of my grandchildren, Steven and Alysse Macdonnell, and myself, I would like to thank you (and all your colleagues) for the wonderful morning we spent together in Georgetown, yesterday. Truly it was a very valuable and worthwhile few hours. The children loved it (Steven says he would like to go to grade 10 in music!!, Alysse just wants to go to Sunbeams III !) and I learned so much in order to, hopefully, be a better supporter and helper with the children’s ongoing musical learning experience. I consider myself a very fortunate grandmother (Nana ) to be involved and to learn “music”. I realize how much planning went into yesterday’s event, and so cannot fail to express gratitude to you all for a very memorable event. Thank you.

Very sincerely,

Gil Macdonnell

As a music teacher for almost 20 years, I found Frances’ presentation very insightful.  She carefully explained the four learning styles and gave examples of how we as teachers and parents could focus on each students’ particular learning style; thus, coming up with ideas which would best complement the students’ learning style and reduce stress when practicing music and doing homework.  I especially liked her idea of using a tea towel draped over the student’s arm to visually demonstrate which hand should play louder (with more arm weight).  Thank you Frances for your wonderful ideas. 

Karen George, Saskatoon, SK

The workshop in Saskatoon helped me both personally and professionally – I have a better understanding of why my family members interact which each other certain ways, and a lot of new ideas to help my students with their piano practice.”

Della Roy, Saskatoon, SK

I attended the seminar on learning styles not as one that teaches but as one who likes to be able to understand the people I contact through work or social activities. Frances presented a very practical method of understanding learning styles and basic human response to certain approaches. The seminar reflected her many years of experience, and was well illustrated and could be easily comprehended by all attendees .

Norm Janzen, Saskatoon SK

Good morning Frances
I have asked Sandra Ironside -a parent of 2 children in MYC to write her impressions of the workshop. She still has the handouts you gave posted beside their keyboard.

Gloria Wood

Frances Mae Balodis spoke at the Probus Club of Bracebridge to an audience of about 100 seniors about how learning styles affect their personal relationships.

fast paced; used slides and audience participation to enhance her speaking; discussed four styles of learning that apply throughout our lives; visual, auditory, kinesthetic, analytical with addition of blends of these styles how to use this knowledge for better communication.

Poised speaker, excellent knowledge of subject, good use of humour, connected with audience, great timing.

Ruth Ann McPhail